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Women celebrating at The Speaker Bootcamp
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Join Our 5-Day Women-Only
 Speaker Bootcamp
in Marbella, Spain

An intimate and supportive public speaking retreat exclusively for women, designed to nurture and empower each participant to achieve their speaking goals.

NEXT BOOTCAMP: 16 June 2024

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What Makes The Speaker Bootcamp Unique

The Speaker Bootcamp which takes place over 5 days stands out as the best public speaking course for fast results. First, we create a warm and inviting atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable being themselves. Then there is our speaker coach, Remi Aiyela, who is truly passionate about empowering women, which is why the Speaker Bootcamp is a women only programme. That’s another thing that differentiates us from the rest.  You will also find that Remi works closely with each participant to offer personalised guidance and motivation to help them achieve their goals. We strike the perfect balance between theory, practice, and personal development to empower ambitious women thought leaders and subject matter experts like you to overcome your fears and unleash your full potential. It's the best public speaking course for women who want to learn quickly, no matter what stage you're at in your public speaking journey.  Whether you're a complete beginner just learning to speak with confidence or a more experienced speaker looking to polish up your skills, we are completely dedicated to helping you becoming an authentic, and powerful speaker, and we would love for you to join us in the sophisticated paradise of Marbella to embark on this transformational journey with us!

Here’s What You’ll Get


Exclusive Women-Only Environment

Tailored to women thought leaders and subject matter experts, fostering a supportive and empowering atmosphere.

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Small Group Size

Ensures personalized attention and one-on-one coaching for each participant.


Expert Guidance

Led by experienced and passionate coach Remi, who shares her wisdom and nurtures growth.


Relaxed Atmosphere

Combines a professional approach with a stress-free learning experience, allowing participants to find their comfort zone.


Comprehensive Curriculum

Offers a balanced blend of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises to help attendees develop and refine their public speaking skills.


Structured Yet Flexible Program

Encourages organic flow of daily activities, tasks, and learning without compromising on progress and achievements.


Continuous Support

Post-bootcamp guidance and assistance on the journey to becoming a powerful speaker, including TEDx preparation support.

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Beautiful Location

Held in the holiday paradise city of Marbella, providing a unique and inspiring backdrop for personal growth and transformation.


Holistic Approach

Nurtures participants not only through learning, but also with a focus on well-being, including healthy meals, wellness, and compassionate care.

NEXT BOOTCAMP: 16 June 2024

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What Will The Speaker Bootcamp Do For You?


Enhanced Confidence

Beginners - overcome your fears and anxiety, allowing you to communicate your thoughts and ideas with poise and self-assurance.

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Improved Communication Skills

Learn to articulate your message clearly and effectively, resulting in stronger personal and professional relationships.


Increased Influence And Persuasion

Develop the ability to inspire, motivate, and persuade your audience, leading to greater leadership opportunities and career advancement.


Expanded Professional Network

Connect with like-minded, ambitious women, fostering valuable connections and potential collaborations for the future.


Stronger Personal Brand

More experienced speakers - polish your unique speaking style and distinguish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

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Continued Growth And Support

Benefit from ongoing resources and guidance, post bootcamp, empowering you to maintain your progress and continue to grow.

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Here’s What Our Clients Say About The Speaker Bootcamp

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“I really enjoyed the atmosphere, welcoming, and opening setup we had. It helped me feel confident and empowered. I enjoyed the structure of the day and how organically all daily activities, tasks, and learnings were flowing. It felt easy, with no pressure and at the same time, we were able to accomplish many things in just 3 days.”

━ Alexandra F.


Speaker Coach, Remi

Remi’s public speaking journey began with her legal career. As a black female lawyer in the UK, she quickly realised that the playing field wasn't level, and that she needed to step up her game. That's when she discovered the power of public speaking and how it could impact her career in a big way.

Remi decided to invest her time and money into improving her public speaking skills, and it made a huge difference! Suddenly, she became a leading authority in her field, and her legal career skyrocketed.

Now, Remi is incredibly passionate about helping other women become better speakers because she knows first-hand the benefits it can bring. She acknowledges that it’s the quickest way to rise to the top of your profession and be seen as an authority.

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As an experienced speaker coach, Remi creates a relaxed yet professional atmosphere at the Speaker Bootcamp. Her ability to provide a structured programme throughout the day while maintaining a stress-free environment helps attendees feel confident and empowered. She understands how to respond to the dynamics of a women’s group and encourage participants to push their limits. She creates an atmosphere of easy focus, and this is further enhanced by the cosy and comfortable environment of the bootcamp.

At the Speaker Bootcamp, Remi will share incredibly valuable knowledge as she coaches participants on all the aspects of public speaking, from finding the right idea to speak on and crafting a speech to learning about using your voice and the dos and don’ts of body language. Finally, she will teach you how to sprinkle magic on your speech by connecting with and making the maximum impact on your audience.

Remi’s coaching style allows participants to make remarkable progress in just a few days. She will guide you to recognise your weaknesses in a caring and compassionate way so you can work on them without losing confidence. Remi's friendly, genuine, and easy-going approach to learning, will help you expand your comfort zone so you can grow your speaking skills in a safe environment giving you the confidence to achieve even more.


Because of the small number of participants, Remi can attend to each person's needs through one-on-one coaching and mentoring, creating a constant sense of support and supervision. She creates a collaborative atmosphere in which everyone feels a sense of oneness that makes them strive to support one other under her expert guidance. This allows participants to achieve some astounding results in just a short time.

Group of women celebrating at the speaker bootcamp


Transform Your Public Speaking Skills in Just 5 Incredible Days!

Don't miss your chance to join The Public Speaker Bootcamp in the chic paradise city of Marbella in Spain, designed specifically for subject matter experts and thought leaders like you. Learn to speak with confidence in our exclusive programme. Experience an intimate and empowering environment, guided by our experienced speaker coach, Remi. In this intensive but supportive programme, you will find that it is truly the best public speaking course for fast results.

Why Choose Us For Your Public Speaking Journey?

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Expert coaching and personalised attention

A proven curriculum balancing theory and practice

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Post-bootcamp support for lasting success

An unforgettable Marbella experience

It's time to unleash your true potential and become the confident, authentic, and impactful speaker you've always wanted to be. Don't miss this opportunity to invest in yourself and create a lasting impact on your personal and professional life.


If you’re ready to make the investment in yourself and your future, book a discovery call with Remi to find out how to get a place at The Speaker Bootcamp.


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